Custom Orders

 At Wanderlust Eclectic Designs, we pride ourselves on our custom artwork for the individual soul. We know that not all people are the same and we want to make sure our art emanates that. It is for this reason that our custom pieces make incredible gifts for a special someone (or even for yourself….shhh!). Just give us a shout and we can make it happen!



Here is a short list of some of the custom

work we can (and hope to) do for you:






Custom Birth Charts:

For our ASTRO-NERDS out there, we have our custom birth chart. This is as YOU as artwork gets. Down to the very minute you are born, the stars change and align, telling your story before it has even begun. We can help map out that story. 

bcangle.jpg   cust.-bc.jpg 

(and hpe to) do for you:



Custom Paintings: 

Custom paintings are one of our favorite things to do. We love learning about people and custom art is a window revealing a beautiful glimpse of the most authentic you. Here are some examples of what we can potentially complete for you:




Customization of Current Products: 


We understand how frustrating it is finding something that you like 99%, but that little 1% is keeping you from loving it.... and you just can't get over that. Well, here at Wanderlust, most items are able to be customized! Just contact us with a customization request and we can get the process rolling!